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Update: i added several new names to the actors list. Some of these actors appeared in actual big budget Hollywood fare, but most of their career was in b-movies, then obviously discard the big Hollywood movies and just watch the b's (For example, william Shatner. Ignore Star Trek movies but anything else is fair game. Ghost is probably not right, but most of his other films were b-movies). Automatic Safe list: Code: Distributors/Studios: * Troma Entertainment * Something weird Video * American International Pictures (A.I.P.) * Boxoffice International Pictures * Crown International Pictures * Independent International Pictures * Hammer Film Productions * Amicus * Sunn Classic Pictures * The Asylum * Bci. The diary of Knockers McCalla, submission) Commonwealth United (99 Women, The Blood of fu manchu, the girl Who Knew too much) Dimension Pictures (Boss n-r, dolemite, gator bait) Empire pictures (Creepozoids, re-animator, Troll) eve productions (Faster, pussycat! Kill!, mondo topless, vixen!) Film Ventures International (Anthropophagus, Ator the Invicible, pieces) The filmgroup (Creature from the haunted sea, little Shop of Horrors, The wasp Woman) Greycat Films (The dark backward, henry - portrait of a serial Killer, meet the feebles) Grove press (I.

Second format, (insert format (insert title). Third format, (insert format (insert title). Watch a film in an atkins actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title) Watch a film in the following genres: a token Science fiction b-movie: a token Horror b-movie: Italian (or European) films of the following Genres: * Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs) * Giallo * Sword sandal * Spaghetti western * Cannibal Film * Mafia/Gangster Film Martial Arts film: * Bruce lee-sploitation. Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list. The following lists are automatic Safe lists. They are not definitive and there might be exceptions therein. Generally, the presence of those on the lists in an actual creative capacity (that is, more than just a cameo or bit part. For instance, bruce campbell appearing in Spider-Man does not make spider-Man safe) is enough to make a film safe. Post them and I'll update the list. Obviously, films not including these participants are safe, too.

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Please number your lists. Also, it is helpful to put a link to your list in your signature. This makes it easier for others to check out your list. We have several, thanks to hamiltonbooks and Troma. For extra fun, try to complete the optional checklist. Also, try to keep a running tally in your lists of "before they were famous" appearances.

Official Checklist: (put in spoiler tags on your list). For more descriptive definitions checkout and code: If a category is listed as "Optional it does not need to be filled to "complete" the checklist. There are 10 free spots you may apply to non-Optional categories. As with other checklists, titles can count for multiple categories. Some of these categories are so obscure we're giving 10 free spots of your choosing to fill in the list. Watch one film from every decade of film history. (insert film title here Optional) * 1900 -(optional) * 1910 -(optional) * 1920 -(optional) Watch a film for each rating: * g - (optional) * pg - * PG-13 - (optional) * r - * X (or nc-17) - * Unrated (post-mpaa 1968) - watch films in at least three formats (dvd, bd,. First format, (insert format (insert title).

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Films that have been nominated for recepten Oscars are discouraged but not banned. I had originally wanted this to be the only hard rule, but I came across too many exceptions. Drive-in exception rule: Any film seen in an actual, drive-in during the challenge 2011, regardless of other qualification, counts toward your list. Please note that it was a drive-in movie. We will go with the Sci-fi rule on tv mini-series (one "night" equals an entry on Serials (we'll go with an hour's worth per entry provided they actually were theatrical serials. A serial episode is about 15-20 minutes, so an hour's worth counts as an entry. 4-15 minutes ones or 3-20 minute episodes. There are 3 Wild Cards for non-conforming films. For fun, keep a running tally of "before they were famous" appearances in your list.

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We are also allowing trailer compilations, such as 42nd Street Forever and Something weird compilations. Throw a viewing party and show trailers between movies. Mystery Science Theater 3000, riff Trax, cinematic Titanic, etc. You may watch one for full credit or you may watch a non-riffed version and a riffed version for 1 full credit each (2 total). If there is a second riffed version (for example, mst3K did one, then kilos Cinematic Titanic did the same movie) you may watch the second and any additional riffed versions for half a credit each. To encourage actually watching the films, you may watch the film and then the commentary and credit it as two films. If you watch just the commentary, then count it as half a film. If there is a second commentary or additional, then it counts as half a film (so 1 for the film, 1 for the commentary,.5 for second commentary).

These type of films tend to be short, but they also might be a challenge to get through. Your personal goal might be higher or lower, telefoonhoesjes depending on your tolerance for this type of cinema. A film can only be counted once per list with the exception of riffed/commentaried films (see below). This challenge is for movies. Although we are not allowing tv shows, made for tv movies are allowed as are direct to video features. We are allowing documentaries on b-movies, Exploitation and Drive-ins and those involved with the production thereof. These should be features over 40 minutes.

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03-24-11, 07:08 am # 1 caligulathegod, dvd talk Platinum Edition, join hoesje Date: Jul 2001, location: Grove city. Posts: 3,701, list thread 2nd Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/b-movie challenge march 31-April 30 2011 presents, the second Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/b-movie challenge! Sponsored by, march 31 - april 30, movies in 31 days. This thread is for lists only. For discussion, go to the discussion thread here. Last year's list thread is here. The goal is 100 films.

Dinosaurus museum
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